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If you have already paid, but are yet to receive credit, there might be various reasons:

  • We have not (yet) received your payment. This could be caused by the processing time of your bank (up to three working days for national payments).
  • Due to a technical error we have not received a confirmation of your payment from your bank.
  • The order number has not been mentioned (correctly) in the purpose of payment field.
  • You have not wired the money to the correct bank account. Please make sure to use the bank account mentioned in our automatic confirmation e-mail.
  • The amount received does not match the total amount of your order.

Please send a proof of payment to You can send a scan of your bank statement or a screenshot if you are using online banking.

We use your proof of payment to check if we have received your payment and deliver your top up as soon as we can confirm the payment.

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